Development Team

Exclusive unit that develops new ideas


Development Team is responsible for coming up with solutions to the complex problems that are within the Secret Service. They are the ones that lend an active hand and work together as a team to solve them. The Development Team facilitates problem solving and collaboration in the community. It is a team oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking and connected team work.

The Overseer of DEV is in charge of making sure the Development team runs smoothly and efficiently. They ensure all members are completing their tasks and monthly requirements on time. The Overseer keeps up with the suggestions and feedback from other SS members and works on developing these ideas and implementing them in the SS.
The Leader of DEV is responsible for making sure that everyone is on task. The Leader is there to assist the Overseer when needed. They help to develop tasks for members to work on, as well as offer guidance and advice. The Leader also helps the OS with day-to-day tasks and steps in when they are unavailable.

The Control of DEV ensures the unit is active and operating properly. They are in charge of creating activity checks, and making sure warning letters are distributed accordingly. They keep the unit updated with the latest information. The Controls assist both the Leader and OS with tasks when needed.


  • Development Team is about developing ideas into solutions through connected teamwork, communication, and creativity.
  • We value everyones opinions, and we encourage change for the better.
  • Development Team enables you to freely express your ideas, and it’s an opportunity to make a difference.
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