External Affairs

Administrative department that deals with external relations


External Affairs are in charge of all alliance relations between agencies. They protect the SS by ensuring National Punishment is updated, and all alliances are aware of such changes.

External Affairs Foreign Aid Policy can be found HERE!

Deputy Director
Asst. Deputy Director
The ADDoEA of EA


  • Fluent communication with alliances
  • Recruiting new alliances
  • Hosting and attending events which alliance members may attend
  • Visiting allies to support with population
  • Dealing with allied queries and reports
  • External Relation Officers

    Keeps an eye on the new potential agencies, makes reports to the Director and Deputy Director of EA, regarding possible potential alliances, what are their statistics, do they go against any SS policies and what is their average daily population ect. Reports are to be sent when there is something to report.


    Visits the agency they are assigned to frequently, makes sure the communication between SS assigned agencies is fluent and all the issues are dealt with immediately. Plans events for SS and the assigned agencies and makes sure the EA-teams of both agencies meets frequently. Helps with base population in assigned alliances.



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