Habbo Secret Service

Lights back.

Due to your generous donations, the forum was able to be put online the day after we launched the new donation campaign. Woot, woot. Our new goal is to now reach enough money to keep our forum and other online sites up for one year, no downtimes.

We're still accepting donations and if you choose to donate, you will be rewarded with the ability to select an icon of your choice next to your forum display name and other cool username styling.

To donate, click the PayPal donation button below. If you're under 18 years age, please consult your parents before doing sending a donation.

Thank you,

Brennan, Founding Father

Disclaimer: This donation campaign is not affiliated or endorsed with Habbo Hotel or Sulake in any way. Donations are not associated within the hotel, and is only associated outside of Habbo's client. Donations sent will go towards the forum's funding and other online services. Once the transaction is completed, the donation cannot be refunded.