Internal Investigation Unit

Exclusive unit that investigates cases


The Internal Investigating Unit otherwise shortened as INV, deals with any internal issues within the Secret Service. Internal Investigating members are responsible for investigations throughout the Secret Service ranging from any different type of issues.

TodorProeski founded the Internal Investigating Team with the hope of making the Secret Service a healthier working environment to work. TodorProeski originally proposed the idea of the Internal Investigating Team to the foundation, then led the unit to where it is now.
To manage the direction of the EU as well as all the members in the EU. The vision of the EU to be set in accordance with the benefit of SS itself. The overseer role is also to aspire and bring out more motivations for the members to contribute to the EU, in turn contributing to SS as a whole. Continuous improvement and the efficiency of the EU is expected from the Overseer.
To manage the members ensuring that they could handle the task given to them. A leader acts as assistance towards the Overseer to assist when needed and are able to make timely decisions when required. They are given responsibility to make their own decisions for the benefit of the team not wholly relying on Overseer all the time.

To assist the workload of a Leader. They are also tasked to manage the members, ensuring that the members completed task given. They are one make recommendations to overseer on which members to be removed based on inactivities, incomplete task etc. They should be assisting the Overseer if the Leader wasn't present and make the call.


  • Finding replica badges.
  • Ensuring that SS members weren't fired unfairly
  • Suggestions on amendments of rules of SS
  • Stopping Staffs from taking advantage of the pay systems.
  • Ensuring HR constant promotion
  • Monitor and Investigate any problems in base as well as taking a proper disciplinary action if needed.
  • Encouraging creation of the promotion logs and awareness on the importance of the log itself.
  • Making appropriate disciplinary judgement.
  • Stopping any conspiracies that may occur in the Secret Service.
  • Monitoring any external news that have any relation to the Secret Service.
  • Getting information/raw data based on the surveys/interviews from the HR, on their understanding of the policies such as Promotion, Demotion, Strike Policy and so on.
  • Rules and Regulations

    All members are expected to be following INV rules at all times,this will be further amended as time goes by.

  • INV members has to have a clean record. If it is found out that they are involved in any types of offence for example SP and with concrete proof they will without a doubt be remove and fired.
  • INV members should generally follow SS Rules at all times.
  • INV members need to be active in the Board by solving cases and posting them in the Forum Board.
  • Inactive members will be considerably be demoted to Trial members/removed if failure to complete task given after a fair warning is given.
  • INV members need to ensure to check the forums and this website at all times for any announcements and new information.
  • Information regarding the information collected is strictly confidential and aren't allowed to be leaked out and told to others unless if you are consulting higher ranker. Any discussions in INV Official Skype is also confidential as well.
  • Main Investigators

    Long term and experienced members.

    Full Investigators

    Full members that were accepted from Trialist.


    Trial Members will be given tasks to measure their skills so that they could be promoted to full members.


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