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Internal Relation

Internal Relations deals with keeping everyone inside the agency informed and well-aware of announcements. This includes posting news in forum and in the habbo news badge. Apart from this, IR also extends its reach to graphic design and posts infographics in the official Instagram page of the Secret Service.

External Relation

External Relations is one of the Units within Public Affairs External Relations or ER is leadered by Tae… & JunKai. This unit has two roles within it, which are Scouting and Social Media Informers. Scouting is an important role within Public Affairs as it maintains and keeps the Secret Service population high by spreading awareness about the Secret Service around Habbo rooms, Scouting must be done by all External Relations members. External Relations also handles the social media SS has, such as Facebook & Twitter making sure it is kept updated with news frequently so that all members of SS are aware of it.

Visual Relation

Visual Relation deals with mainly youtube. We provide all the new information, updates and juicy news on youtube. This includes posting 2 videos per month to update our SS members. Moreover, we have our finest Information Collectors to help out the youtube video maker every twice a month, will full of interesting information for our official youtube page.


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